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Treemont Resident Vivian Hames’ Husband Fought in Battle of the Bulge

Stories from the Greatest Generation – Treemont Retirement Community Residents

Stay Safe from Cyber Threats

What happens when a computer virus or invader attacks a family’s computer?

Sister’s Holding Summer School

Details about upcoming one-woman show at Eisemann Center

Catch Your Limit this Fishing Season

Catch Your Limit this Fishing Season

Can Violins Mimic The Human Voice?

A Texas A&M University researcher has now provided the first evidence that the Italian violin masters tried to impart specific vowel sounds to their violins.

Lure of 'Sin City' in New Book

Las Vegas is appealing to average people around the world because it represents an escape from the mundane, everyday cares everyone faces, says Missouri University of Science and Technology historian Larry Gragg in his latest book.

Amaze Your Friends by picking the Perfect NCAA bracket

Learn to pick the perfect bracket

Tech challenged? Get yourself schooled with an educational technology grant

Don’t be left out when you can get schooled with an educational technology grant. End your tech challenges now with a grant or scholarship for seniors.

The 2013 Texas State Senior Games

Are you ready to win Gold

Fantasy Literatures Revival

With Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit hitting the silver screen, American University literature professor explains fantasy genre’s growing popularity.

Smartphone App for Alzheimer’s Care

University of Utah Team creates startup company and secures $125,000 grant to provide personalized Alzheimer's care and address caregiver education shortage via mobile devices.

$8,000,000 in Pennies Raised by Sick Child for others

In 18 years she’s had 15 surgeries and through it all she’s put her energy into helping others. This is a report about a child who, while battling neurofibromatosis, raised millions of dollars, one penny at a time.

Can my cell phone get a virus?

Have you ever considered that your cell phone may be able to get a virus? Learn how to protect your smartphone with virus protection.

Two great ways to have fun online with your computer

Must read tips and advice on how to use two of the fastest growing websites of all time that will turn your computer into an exciting funbox anytime of the day or night.

Older adults realize physical and mental health benefits from Pilates

Older adults can enjoy mental and physical benefits from Pilates, an exercise that incorporates the health benefits of yoga and weight training with simple routines.